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Consulting When Lived Experience Counts !

“it’s not about what happened to you, but how you reacted to what happened to you”

do you know what it means to be Trauma Informed ?

Let me help you understand what “trauma” is , help you create a trauma informed workplace and help you better support those who’s lives are impacted by trauma.

Nothing is more supportive to a struggling person then shared lived experiences.

Suicide is preventable. Everyone has a role to play. Help save lives, one intervention at a time.

Effective leadership is based on knowledge and understanding of complex working environments.

Education provides knowledge and power over complex topics like mental health.

Understanding sometimes comes from the spoken word of others with lived experience.

An image can sometimes convey what can’t be put into words to create a lasting memory.

About Me

Lived Experience Expert Guiding You To Success In Dealing With Trauma

I have turned my journey with severe PTSD and Depression into a new life purpose. Quite selfishly, I wanted to make sure the challenges I experienced were not just for the sake of suffering, were not in vain, and that there was some meaning to why I went through what I went through.

To Each Potential Client

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I understand you need to see what I’ve done previously

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