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Consulting When Lived Experience Counts !

About Me

I am a retired 30 year veteran of the Ontario Fire Service. In 2019 I was diagnosed with severe PTSD/Depression as a result of traumatic events and experiences I was exposed to during my career. My journey also included a very close call with suicide.  I openly and very publicly share my lived experience to help chip away at the stigma that still exists surrounding 1st responder mental health and suicide. I do this through my mental health education and advocacy efforts, mental health related digital artwork, and peer support with various 1st responder peer support organizations.

“Silence does nothing but strengthen stigma and when we recover loudly, we keep others from dying quietly so speak up, speak out and speak loudly when it comes to all things 1st responder mental health related”

So, not only do I talk the talk, but I also most definitely walk the talk!

I am driven and passionate about helping those who’s organizational roles involve mental health program development. I support all from the lived experience lens. I understand and appreciate the critical importance of being trauma informed in the workplace, and the dire consequences of not being trauma informed.

2021 CAMH Video – Not Today campaign, 2nd year