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Consulting When Lived Experience Counts !

Mental Health Education

I learned early on in my own journey with PTSD/Depression that there was so much more education that is needed. I’m driven to help provide that education to any and all who are seeking a better understanding of PTSD/Depression and trauma.

I will bring awareness to the symptoms of PTSD and depression and how they can manifest. I will share strategies for supporting a struggling person, and I will share my lived experience with multiple therapy modalities and a few more noval therapies like equine and psychodelics?

If you work directly with 1st responders, or are just starting to provide mental health services and need a better understanding of 1st responder personalities and the culture; I can help you become more culterally competent to better serve your own clients.

From my own lived experience I can provide that education. If I can’t provide what you’re looking for, I have established a large network of other 1st responders with lived experience that I can connect you with.

Some of the more popular presentations include:

  • PTSD and Ketamine Therapy (based on lived experience)
  • PTSD, Suicide and 1st Responder Mental Health in the Workplace: Looking Through The Lens of Lived Experience
  • What You Need To Know
  • My Success: How I Battled PTSD and Transitioned to Retirement with an OSI