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Previous Projects

2024/02/15 Podcast Interview – Just Us on Justice and Other Things

I had a great conversation with Scott and Dan Jones about all things first responder mental health, suicide and post traumatic growth.

2023/12/27 CBC Metro Morning Interview about 1st Responder Mental Health and Boots On The Ground

I had the opportunity to chat with David Common from CBC Metro Morning 99.1 about this time of year and some of the struggles that 1st responders experience. I also talked a little bit about my own mental health journey and how Boots On The Ground helps struggling 1st responders.

2023/10/04 8th Annual Invisible Wounds National Mental Wellness Conference for First Responders and Clinicians

I had the opportunity to be one of the guest speakers. I spoke on what I did that helped lead to my success in battling PTSD and what I did to help transition to retirement with and OSI.

I also donated one of my limited edition art pieces as a fundraiser.

2023/08/29 Beneath The Helmet Podcast: Overcoming PTSD and Promoting Mental Health: A First Responders Journey to Resilience

I had the opportunity to chat with Arjuna George, retired fire chief and host of the podcast about my battle with PTSD including my suicide attempt and what I did to recover to the point of living a rich and fufilling life helping other first responder through mental health education, advocacy and peer support.


2023/08/16 Above Ground Podcast: The Ketamine Diaries

I was invited back to the podcast to talk about my experience with Ketamine therapy and the insights I received that helped me live a rich and fufilling life after a journey with PTSD/Depression.


2023/07/25 Hummingbird Therapy Clinic

I was invited by the clinical director to speak to a group of therapists starting to provide clinical services to 1st responders. I talked about my own journey and then provided supporting background to additional 1st responder topics that were being delivered by the clinical director.

Rob, Thank you so much for giving us your time and experience. You helped bring every teaching point “to life “. You also give budding therapists the hope that treatments can and will make a positive impact on our client’s life!

– Joddie Walker, MSc, RP Clinical Director for CTRI and Hummingbird Therapy Clinic

2023/06/01 Building A Safer and Healthier Public Safety Personnel Community Seminar

I was one of three keynote speakers discussing various topics relating the 1st responder mental health within the Township of South Stormont and neighboring municipalities. My presentation was:

2023/03/25-26 Peer Support Training Workshop – New Brunswick Office of the Fire Marshal

This workshop was conducted in person to teach the Office of the Fire Marshal provincial peer support team training in the Peer And Trauma Support Systems (PATSS) peer support program. The workshop was delivered to 17 participants. This workshop was delivered by myself and a fellow P.A.T.S.S. facilitator.

2022/12/06 Clearview Fire Presentation

Provided a presentation on my journey with PTSD and symptoms to be on the look out for and lead a post-presentation discussion on mental health in the fire service.

2022/07/05 Fireside Chat Interview

I had the opportunity to have a great fireside chat with the founder of the Invisible Wounds organization. This was televised on a local TV station. We talked about some aspects of my own journey, reducing stigma, dealing with triggers and how digital artwork has played a role in my own journey and how that digital artwork and writings are being used to help educate others.

2022/07/06 The Messenger Documentary Interview

I was interviewed by Pratice Beriault from Anthropos Productions for their documentary called The Messenger. This documentary involves traveling across Canada interviewing various PTSD sufferers learning about their stories, struggles and mental health journey in an effort to help education the public about exactly what PTSD is, how in manifests in people and how it affects day to day lives.

2022/01/26 Webinar Guest Speaker

I had the opportunity to talk to the members of this police service via a webinar about PTSD/Suicidal Ideation in 1st responders and how it’s important to always be aware of your own mental health situation. We also discussed the benefits and importance of an effective peer support program.

2022/01/11 Operation Trauma Recovery Interview

I had the opportunity to have a great discussion with the host of the Operation Trauma Recovery podcast. We talked a little about my mental health journey and had an amazing conversation about military and 1st Responder mental health and suicide.

Watch Here

2022/01/09 Life Unscripted Radio Show Interview – Equine Therapy

I was interviewed along with an Equine Therapist talking about how equine therapy has played a significant role in my own mental health journey with PTSD.

2021/12/05 – Patches and Stripes Podcast

I was interviewed by Matt from Patches and Stripes. We talked quite a bit about my own journey with PTSD/depression and some of the things I’ve done to get to where I am. We also talked about the need to normalize conversations around 1st responder mental health and some of the things we can do to try and lower 1st responder suicides.

Listen here

2021/12/02 – The Power Of Our Story – Guest Speaker

As the guest speaker I discussed with the group my journey with PTSD/Depression and suicidal ideation. We also talked at length about some of my mental health artwork and the reasons behind the creation of each piece.

Watch here

2021/09/17 – CTV Your Morning Show Interview

I was interviewed live on air where the host and I briefly chatted about my PTSD journey and the hope that new CAMH PTSD prevention research is bringing to others who may be challenged with mental health conditions like PTSD.

Watch here

2021/09/12 – Life Unscripted Radio Show Interview

I was interviewed for the mental health show on 610 Talk Radio called Life Unscripted. The host and I talked quite a bit about my mental health journey, PTSD and first responders and the 2021 CAMH campaign raising funds for more research into things like preventing PTSD.

Listen here

2021/09/10 – CAMH “Not Today” Campaign

Had my mental health journey included and spotlighted as part of the 2021 CAMH Today campaign with the goal of preventing suicide and raising money for much needed mental health research. My involvement included not only an interview but also the creation of a video as well.

Watch stand alone video here

2021/09/10 – Toronto Star Article

Interviewed for an article highlighting mental health challenges and the research that CAMH is doing in regards to prevention of those mental health challenges.

2021/06/25 – Flight of Thoughts Podcast

Along with the President/Founder of Boots On The Ground I was interviewed during the podcast discussing the shared struggles of First Responders and the power of peer support with Boots On The Ground

2021/06/09 – Interview for Canadian Firefighter Magazine Article

Was interviewed for an article included in the issue of the Canadian Firefighter. The article is titled: “Firefighter takes aim at the stigma around mental health to help others in Ontario ” and was written as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the services provided by Boots On The Ground Peer Support.

2021/06/09 – Recorded Radio Commercial for Boots On The Ground

Voiced a radio commercial as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the services provided by Boots On The Ground Peer Support

2021/04 Interview for We Are Warriors Magazine Article

Was interviewed for an article included in the April issue of the We Are Warriors Magazine. The article is titled: “Rob Leathen: Breaking Down The Barriers The Raw Struggle of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and was written by Samantha Schmidt

2021/03/24 Guest – Above Ground Podcast Episode “Uncomfortably Numb

Chatted with hosts Will Foley and Timothy Patrick about my battles with PTSD, depression and suicidal ideation and the things that we as a society and as fire service organizations need to do to promote firefighter and 1st responder mental health.

2021/03/22 Guest Presenter – Valhalla Project

Gave a presentation to the current cohort on the role that writing/journalling and art play in a PTSD recovery journey.

2020/11/28 Guest – The 25 Live Podcast

Chatted with host Jim Burneka about my battles with PTSD, depression and suicidal ideation and the things that we as a society and as fire service organizations need to do to promote firefighter mental health.

2020/11/23 Guest – The Courage Wolf Podcast

Talked with host Terry Oliver about 1st responder mental health and how my own battles with PTSD, Depression and Suicidal ideation turned into a journey of post-traumatic growth.

2020/10/21 Interview by The Mighty Staff For PTSD Article

Participated in an interview about my battles with PTSD and depression with staff members of The Mighty. The interview was turned into an article about 1st responders who battle PTSD.