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Trauma Informed Workplace

Increasingly, it is being acknowledged that employers should create a trauma-informed workplace that recognizes trauma at both individual and organizational levels. This includes a self-defined balance of wellness habits. Employers should be aware of signs of significant stress in employees. Anxiety, fear, worry, anger, physical or somatic reactions, behavioral reactions such as crying, uncooperativeness, restlessness, and cognitive reactions such as memory impairment and forgetfulness ought to all be identified in the workplace. A trauma informed workplace will reduce workplacve absenteeism and it will promote a smoother return to work.

A true leader who understands trauma does not jump to judgement that a poorly performing employee is just a “bad employee”. A trauma informed leader will seek out the root cause in efforts to support, rather then discipline. Perhaps the employee is a “bad employee” but perhaps the employee is silently struggling with past or current traumas or is not managing stress well and the bad behaviour is how that struggle is manifesting.

I will help you and your organization understand the concept of a trauma informed workplace and I will support you and your organization transition. I will bring the trauma informed focus to polices and procedures based on lived experience.

Let’s chat more about how you can better support the mental health of your employees.