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I am available to speak on a variety of topics relating to 1st responder mental health, my own lived experience with PTSD/Depression/Suicidal Ideation and things I’ve learned from other 1st responder lived experience experts in my network of 1st responders. This can be done though public speaking and/or presentations which can include:

PTSD JOURNEY: Milestones, Mistakes and What You Need to Know

This presentation is suitable for audiences looking for general education about PTSD and PTSD symptoms to watch for. It’s divided into 2 sections; a detailed account of my own journey along with milestones and mistakes made and a detailed description and explanation of the many symptoms of PTSD.

A BATTLE WITH PTSD: 10 Keys To My Success

This presentation is suitable for audiences who have an understanding of PTSD and curious about various recovery strategies that I used to help myself recover from the worst parts of PTSD and which lead to significant post-traumatic growth.

KETAMINE FOR PTSD: One First Responders Experience

This presentation is suitable for audiences with an understanding and/or experience with PTSD looking to learn about this cutting edge approach to treating PTSD/Depression and the impact that it had on my own recovery.

PTSD and Suicide: What They Should Be Doing

This presentation is suitable for HR and organization leadership interested in learning from a lived experience perspective what can be done to properly support those 1st responders off work and battling an occupational stress injury like PTSD/Depression and Suicidal Ideation. This presentation is meant to encourage lively discussion on the topic amongst those in attendance.

Art Gallery Slideshow

Suitable for all and showing a collection of my artwork in an simulated art gallery environment


Through my affiliation with the Mood Disorders Society of Canada I am able to provide training on the Peer and Trauma Support Systems (P.A.T.S.S.) peer support program. This is a training workshop that addresses 17 evidence based objectives identified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada in the creation and operation of peer support teams.


Are you in need of a poster/flyer, logo or image for your organization or event that is related to mental health and/or 1st responder mental health. I have created a multitude of posters, flyers and logos for various organizations. Check out the “Design Gallery” under the ARTWORK menu to see some examples of my work.


I am also available to do custom artwork relating to mental health with a similar look and feel to my own mental health related artwork.