"Not Cancelled" by Wintertickle press

(creative essay submission)


2020 started out just like 2019 did for me, full of anger with everybody and everything and with a collection of negative beliefs about everybody, everything, society, and more specifically, the moral character of the collective society I am part of. You see I’m battling PTSD. Along with the many symptoms that come along with PTSD like the aforementioned anger, also come many cognitive distortions and distorted beliefs about others and society. I believe that most but not all people are untrustworthy. I believe that most but not all while sometimes caring will always look out for themselves and will be “good” and do “good” only when it suits their needs and that the overall lack of respect for anything but themselves is growing in society. Yes, in fact, they are firmly held beliefs I hold.....

......included as a story within the e-Book "Not Cancelled"

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